Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Story of Hannah Part 3


Hannah is 2 yrs old. Not knowing what this fuss is all about, she gave a sweet smile to the approaching Nikon lens as her right hand struggled to hold the knife used to cut her birthday cake.

She finished the piece of her own birthday cake; no mess; no trouble. She wanted more!

By all accounts , she is disabled; she could only stand momentarily,briefly sits unsupported, say 2 words : "nak air " in her own little peculiar slang.

But you could hear her shrieks when the neighbour's bird sings it's usual morning melody.

Points to her own nose, mouth and ears awkwardly with her functioning right arm, slow, and writhing, almost like a shadow play

She even pretended to use a mobile phone, perhaps pretending to locate her mum; and we know no mobile companies would volunteer to locate.

Paediatricians say that she's 6 months delayed, at least.

Humanists say that she has progressed by leaps and bounds as no one expects her to be a delight to anyone; the way she was 8 months ago.

These must all be the grace of Allah, who knows that little Hannah's physiology, biochemistry and bodily functions are as sophisticated as bodies belonging to the Kings of Kings.

Only that she couldn't say to people surrounding her " Treat me like you wish to be treated".

She couldn't say it - for now at least. She will prove us wrong again , I am sure.

Good for you little girl.

Happy Birthday Hannah!